Water taxi

Discover the gems of the archipelago with a comfortable water taxi

Explore Stockholm’s archipelago easily with our boat taxi service. Enjoy a magical journey to and from various islands in the Stockholm archipelago. Glide through the archipelago at a leisurely pace and take in the beautiful views.

Why choose our boat taxi?

In addition to our boat TAXEN being a modern V-shaped tin boat with a powerful Mercury 300 hp engine that can hold up to 7 passengers, there are several other advantages. Experience the benefits of a state-of-the-art boat designed for performance and comfort.

Quick and easy journey

We provide direct transportation to and from various islands in the Stockholm archipelago, including Stockholm City, Grinda, Stavsnäs, Lillsved, Vaxholm, Värmdö, Sandhamn, Svartö, Sollenkroka, and many more.


We offer daily tours throughout the day, all year round. Book your tour at your convenience and explore with us any time of the year!

Unique experience

Enjoy the stunning natural scenery and the fresh sea air during your scenic tour. Experience the beauty of nature on your trip.

Comfortable ride

Our modern boats are spacious and comfortable, providing plenty of room for both passengers and luggage. Enjoy a comfortable boat ride with ample space for your company and belongings.

Safe and sound

Our experienced captains and skilled crew members ensure a safe and pleasant trip. Enjoy peace of mind and comfort with our professional team on board.

Water taxi is perfect for every occasion - Exploring, commute between islands

Whether you’re a tourist eager to explore the pearls of the archipelago, a homeowner seeking a comfortable commute, or a business owner in need of reliable transportation for staff or clients, our service is here for you. 

With our dependable and flexible options, we can customize trips to meet your specific needs and preferences. Let us take you to your destination comfortably, safely, and in style.


  • Gällnö - Boda 700 kr
  • Gällnö - Möja 2300 kr
  • Gällnö - Sandhamn 2700 kr
  • Gällnö - Stockholm 4300 kr
  • Gällnö - Svartsö (Alsvik) 900 kr
  • Gällnö - Vaxholm 2300 kr
  • Sollenkroka - Gällnönäs 1150 kr
  • Sollenkroka - Möja 2370 kr
  • Sollenkroka - N Stavsudda 1750 kr
  • Sollenkroka - S Stavsudda 1750 kr
  • Boda - Gällnö (Byviken) 1150 kr
  • Boda - Gällnönäs 1200 kr
  • Boda - Husarö 2700 kr
  • Boda - Lådna 1500 kr
  • Boda - Möja 2500 kr
  • Boda - Sandhamn 2950 kr
  • Boda - S Ingemarsö 2150 kr
  • Boda - Svartsö (Alsvik) 1200 kr
  • Boda - Västerholmen 1200 kr
  • Vaxholm - Grinda 2300 kr
  • Vaxholm - Husarö 4200 kr
  • Vaxholm - Möja 4200 kr
  • Vaxholm - S Ingemarsö 3500 kr
  • Vaxholm - Sandhamn 4500 kr
  • Stockholm - Grinda 4300 kr
  • Stockholm - Husarö 6000 kr
  • Stockholm - Möja 6000 kr
  • Stockholm - Sandhamn 6300 kr
  • Stockholm - S Ingemarsö 5300 kr